16 ways to walk for charity

When you walk, do you walk alone or walk with company?

At Walkathon, we highly value going out and walking, walking, and talking and walking for charity!

Yes, that’s right; we bet the latter caught your eye. We know you are probably thinking, charity? What ways can I walk for charity? 

Well, it’s actually really easy to do, and walking is such a natural movement, this brings out the best in you and your local community. In fact, it’s so straightforward to fundraise money for charity through walking.

It can’t just be any walking, though; the walk has to be meaningful and worthy enough for others to sponsor you. 

What ways can I walk for charity?

To give you some inspiration on how to walk charity, here are 16 ideas:

1. Organize or take part in a Walkathon

If you don’t know by now, walkathons are a marvelous way to walk for charity. Typically, a walkathon is a sponsored walking event held in your local community. The distances of a standard walkathon range from 1km, 2km, 5km, and 10km. However, there are also distances which go all the way up to 100km. 

Often the organizer picks a charity, and you get to pledge sponsors for your walk. Then if you successfully walk the allocated distance, the sponsor pays up. 

In return, the money you raised from them goes to a charity of your choice. What’s excellent about walkathons is that they’re less competitive than other events and is at a low intensity. For more information, see our article on how do you organize a walkathon.

2. Walk a marathon

Yes, that’s right; walk a marathon. Don’t let the name put you off; many people walk this event and complete it within a reasonable time frame. What’s unique about a marathon is that if you wish to partake in a popular one, you have to sign up and wait for your ballot entry.

A requirement of many marathons is that you have to be affiliated with a charity. Not only walking the marathon distance is rewarding, but so is the journey of raising money for charity and going the full distance. 

Often, the charity you’re walking for has a minimum sponsorship fee that you have to raise, and there go out after that and add funds to it.

3. Walk for the sake of it

To be honest, a significant event shouldn’t be needed to raise money for charity, right? If you’re passionate about your charity, then why don’t you raise money for it and let the walking be the second significant activity? 

For example, there is a website known as Just Giving; this is an online fundraising platform that allows you to select a charity and use an online donation page for people to pay by card. This way, if you schedule your special walk and ask people to donate for a specific charity, you don’t have the pressure of raising a minimum sponsorship amount.

4. Take part in a trek or a hike

If you want to go all out and do something life-changing, we suggest going on a trek or a hike. A trek is a fun form of walking across many hours and many days in remote locations, often with an experienced guide. 

Many charities lead treks with their guides and porters; you often trek to the most beautiful and culturally enriching places such as Mount Everest Base Camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the Inca Trail in Peru and many more! 

On another note, if you are not one to walk that far, a hike is also great to raise money for charity. What’s fantastic about a hike is that it’s often a daily activity, and you can do them from the country you reside in. If your country has hills and mountains, its a great way to get fresh air and walk for a cause.

5. Dog Walks

If you love dogs, then look up dog walks for charity! You’d be surprised to see how many dog walking events there are. Nowadays, there are so many dog walkathons, sponsored walks, or dog walking events. 

This is a fantastic way to get your dog’s daily workout in, bond with your dog, and meet others in the community. Likewise, if you love dogs, then you will love to see so many wagging tails in one place! It’s heaven.

If you don’t have a dog, you can always walk someone elses! While you can’t go around door to door, knocking, asking people if they want their dog walked. On the other hand, you can sign up for specific apps or charities such as Borrow My Doggy, share your pet, and many others. 

Sometimes when you sign up and walk someone’s dog, they pay you a small fee gratitude a result. If you’re creative, you could ask that person to donate to your favorite charity. That way, when you’re walking someone else’s dog, you will also feel like you’re walking for a cause.

6. Moonlight/Midnight Walks

What’s cool about these events is that the organizers host the walking events at night! You’ll often walk for a charity as the sun sets, and during the most of it, you will be walking in the dark. Hopefully, with a moon in sight! 

Midnight walks are also fun to do, as they start at midnight, and you walk in the early hours of the morning. Sometimes, the midnight or night walks involve fancy dress, which makes you stand out in the dark. 

Often participants of these events have glowsticks, UV paint, bright clothing, and glow in the dark lights. These events are often big in number, as many gorgeous colors attract attendees.

7. Color Walk

Nowadays, there are many color walks happening worldwide with inspiration from the Hindu festival, Holi. Like the festival, you walk in white or old clothing, and you place colors on each other. 

Likewise, at the same time, people throw colored paint on you, and it’s fired out of cannons. It certainly gets you going with all the loud music around. This is an epic way to walk for charity.

8. Barefoot Walk

Here at Walkathon, we know that walking with shoes or barefoot, for that matter, is a controversial subject. To have a greater insight on this topic, check out our article on Walking Barefoot. Is it good or bad? 

Anyways, not many people walk barefoot nowadays, and an excellent way to stand out from the crowd is raising money for charity by walking barefoot. The great thing about it is that it’s up to you how long you walk for or organize a whole walking event around being barefoot! Embrace nature and start the change today.

9. Take part in virtual walks

If COVID19 has taught us anything, we can walk from anywhere, even in our own home! It may take a bit more motivation than an actual charity event, but it’s equally rewarding, and the end goal/cause is the same. 

A virtual walk is an event where you can raise money for charity and do it at your own pace, in your location. There may be certain conditions such as doing it on a specific day, showing proof of your course, and doing it within a particular time frame. Other than that, though, its still fun to do.

10. Walk across your country

Now, this is more of a difficult challenge to do. Many walkers go above and beyond and walk for charity! You can take this initiative on your own, walking from one end to the country or another. Or, you can choose to do it through a charity or with a group of walking buddies. 

This is a challenging walk, but on the way, you stop over and sleep in pre-booked accommodation or locals houses. Think of your walking challenge as a charitable adventure with friends! 

11. Blind Walk 

This is a walk available for all, which raises money towards those who are visually impaired. What happens is that visually impaired people have a walking route to complete while raising money for charity. 

However, if you’re not visually impaired, you usually get a blindfold or a mask to prevent your line of sight, which stops you from seeing your walking path. This way, no one is at an advantage, and participants have the same walking conditions.

12. Walk for Life

Another great way to walk for charity is by taking part in a Walk for Life. Now, wherever you are in the world, this may have different meanings and be in aid of the different causes. Some walk for lives are held to raise money for hospices, abortion centers, victims of domestic abuse, and much more. 

What’s fantastic about this is that the walks are generally held in honor of celebrating life! Alongside this, it’s a great way to get out walking for charity with your family and friends.

13. Coast Challenge

Wherever you are in the world, you will find this challenge similar but just different names given for the charity walk. A coast challenge involves walking from many different coastal bays, usually 2-3, and finish in a seaside destination different to the one you started in. 

What’s fun about these is that the beautiful scenery takes your mind away from the walk, especially if its a strenuous one. These walks are fun, but only if you live next to the sea, so you may be restricted from participating in!

However, if you don’t have a beach near you, why don’t you be creative and organize a park challenge or a mountain challenge. Where you can walk from one area to the other?

14. Hitchhike

If you’re a bit of a daredevil, you should be considering hitchhiking. If you don’t know what hitchhiking is, it involves asking for a ride of transportation from strangers to get you from one place to another. You hold up a sign for a free ride, and they drop you in another location. 

Often it involves walking in between destinations to get you to your next ride. This is an incredibly fun way to raise money for charity; however, we suggest doing it with a partner for safety reasons. This is a charity walk, which is definitely different from the rest, and we hope you gain a lot of sponsors in doing so for your walk. 

15. Stroller walks

We get it; there are not always ways to arrange childcare. If this is your current situation, why don’t you bring your kids on your walks with you? 

There are many charity walking events all over the world which are stroller friendly. To be honest, it’s a fantastic family outing for all. None in your area? Be that change-maker and organize your own stroller charity walking event.

16. Organize or participate in a Pinkathon

A pinkathon is an event similar to a walkathon. This type of even involves you walking or exercising a certain distance, dressed head to toe in pink! The fun thing about a pinkathon is most of the funds go toward a breast cancer charity.

How to walk for charity

Now that we’ve given you some ideas on ways to walk for charity. Let us help your decision even further. Here are some simple steps of how to go about walking for charity:

Choose your charity

Walking for a cause is important! Likewise, choosing a reason that matters to you as this serves as a great way to keep you motivated. Therefore, before you set out on your walk, we suggest taking some time to think about a charity of your choice and then plan your walk. 

Once you have an idea of your cause or desired charity, you can then choose to host on or participate in that charity event.

Determine your walking goal

What type of walk do you want to participate in? Do you wish to walk for charity in a small 2km, a day hike, or go on a long trek or hitchhike? We suggest before deciding on which charity event to take place to think about your goal seriously. 

If your goal is to have fun and socialize, then we suggest doing a short walk. However, if you’re looking to take part in a more challenging one, then you may want to look for a walk with a long duration.

Determine your fitness 

Before you commit to your walk, you must have some form of an idea in mind if you can tackle the walking distance. Then based on the length, figure out if you have the time to set aside for training for that walk. 

Plan and prepare for the walking event 

Once you’ve decided on your charity and fitness level, register for your event and start training! Make sure when you’re following your training schedule, to eat well, and have rest days leading up to the event. Look online for different training plans to give you an idea based on your walking distance. 

5 Benefits of walking for charity

To persuade you even more about walking for charity, here are 5 benefits: 

1. You can save a charity money

Not only will you be walking for a cause, but your sponsor collection alongside others can go towards helping a charity a great deal. The money you raise covers more than their marketing fees and goes directly towards the charity.

2. Raises Awareness

As you walk for a cause, you will gain awareness of your chosen cause. In particular, if there are sponsors who don’t know about your charity. 

You will soon educate them about your charity, and you will put it on the radar of so many more people. Who knows, if someone is suffering and they learn about your charity, you may unknowingly help them get help for their illness or problem. 

3. Motivation to train hard and get fit

Because you will be walking for a charity, this serves as a form of motivation for you to stick to a training plan. In a way, you feel like you can’t let your charity down, and that makes you oversee your training until the end. Likewise, it serves as extra motivation to get you through the walking event. Alongside this, notice how fit and in shape you get along the way!

4. Great way to socialize

If you’re walking in a big event, many people will be socializing and walking for the same cause. This is a great way to get out there, meet new people within your community, and get to know strangers! Similarly, if you’re going out collecting pledges, you will be chatting to people and getting sponsors. 

5. Gives you a purpose

You are walking for a charity, and that gives you a purpose to carry out your duty. When you’ve completed your walk, you will be incredibly proud of the distance you’ve accomplished. 

However, this will be intensified if you walk for a charity as you will have tried your best to make a change. You can just imagine that sensation crossing the finishing line, can’t you?

We love walking, and we think walking for a charity is something we should all do in our life at some point. Whether you choose to go on a short walk, day hike, trek, or expedition, its a rewarding challenge.

Similarly, if none of these spike your interest, you can also be a change maker and host your own walking event! 

These 16 ways we suggested are simply to inspire you, but there are many other ways to go about walking for charity.

Go out today and walk for a change.

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