17 Great theme ideas for your walkathon

Do you want your walkathon to be remembered and become the talk of the town? One way to make your walkathon stand out, amongst the others, is hosting a themed event. Simply by adding a theme, you can attract many newcomers to your first ever walkathon. Likewise, if you’ve been holding an event for years, you may want to re-engage attention by changing it up.

Even though walking has its benefits, it can become a bit boring and mundane for us humans. Therefore, to help you spice it up, we have curated a list of theme suggestions to make your walkathon great.

1. Dog Walkathon

Animal lovers take their dogs out for walks at least once a day to accompany them. What better way to spark curiosity than allowing dogs to walk alongside you. This way, participants who love dogs will attend to see the variety. Likewise, it’s a fantastic way for you both to get exercise and your dog to socialize with other dogs out there. If your event is being held to raise money for an animal charity such as a local shelter, this may tie in significantly with your cause. 

2. Santa Claus Walkathon

If you are hosting your event in December, why don’t you add festivities to your walk? Make your walkathon a Santa Claus one, and make it a requirement that participants dress up as Santa. There’s nothing funnier than seeing a few thousand Santa Claus’ walking around. Perhaps even go a step further and offer mulled wine or mince pies to the festive event.

3. Superhero vs. Supervillains Walkathon

Dress up as your favorite superhero. Imagine seeing the likes of Superman, the joker, captain marvel, batman, and others walk in your local area. Hosting a superhero walkathon is a fantastic theme to attract children’s attention, allowing them to join in on the fun. Likewise, it is also a great hit with adults who love comics. Dressing up as a superhero or supervillain provides a great way to motivate others and allows families to have fun with their children.

4. Disney Walkathon

In today’s world, Disney has taken many countries by storm. We’ve all seen something curated by this company across our screens, whether its princess films, Mickey Mouse and his entourage, Avatar, Maleficent, or many others. What better way to get creative and bring these wonders to life, dressing up as a Disney character at your walkathon.

5. Wine and Beer Walkathon

One way of attracting the attention of adults is by hosting a wine and beer walkathon. Simply, make your walkathon an 18 or 21+ event, allowing those who are legal to drink. Twist it up by adding in stations in your walkathon, which serves water and samples of wine or beer. If you do this, it proves as an excellent incentive for people to participate and get fit.

6. Music Walkathon 

When hosting your walkathon, you need to consider the distance of the event. Depending on your length, you may want to have live music to motivate the participants. One way to do this is to have a range of live bands and artists perform at every km. Perhaps go a step further at the end and provide a concert for your attendees.

7. Pride Walkathon

The beautiful thing about walkathons is that it brings together the community. If you host a pride walkathon, it’s a lovely way to engage the local LGBTQ community. Similarly, it may provoke confidence to those scared to speak up to feel supported. Even get creative and make it colorful, adding lots of different colors to represent the pride flag.

8. Bollywood Walkathon

We always hear about Hollywood, but what about Bollywood? In comparison to Hollywood, Bollywood, on average, sells more tickets and produces films each year. Bollywood is full of songs, dance, colorful clothes, sparkles, and vibrance. Why don’t you host a walkathon where people can dress up beautifully, have roaring Hindi catchy music playing, and even get someone to teach a Bollywood dance class to warm participants up before they walk? 

9. Walkathon in the Dark

We’re all used to walking in the daytime, but sometimes we limit ourselves to walking in the dark as we can’t see. Change this up, and host an event in the dark but make it vibrant. Allow participants to have glowsticks, UV paint, bright clothing, and glow in the dark lights. This way, attendees can become attracted by many gorgeous colors.

10. Stroller Walkathon

Not everyone can get childcare arrangements to look after their young children to participate. So, why not make your event child friendly? Encourage a walkathon that welcomes strollers. If you do this, mothers and fathers will take their children to their event, knowing it is held explicitly for parents and children.

11. ‘Blueathon’

Most of us have heard of pinkathons held to empower women and raise funds for breast cancer. On the contrary, an excellent way to raise money for the males is by hosting a blueathon. The color blue is used to represent colorectal and prostate cancer. If you make the attendees wear all blue and raise funds to this cause, it’s a fantastic approach to empowering men. Further to this, you could also have billboards advertising and promoting facts about getting tested or treated. 

12. Walkathon for the Homeless 

Rough sleeping worldwide is on the rise, with sickening numbers of people living without a home and below the poverty line. Hold a walkathon for the homeless and feed the homeless or get them to volunteer at your event. Just think about the thousands of participants walking through your event, who will connect personally with each homeless person there. The homeless will get fed, listened to, and maybe a simple conversation with an attendee may lay the foundation to getting their life back on track.

13. Soccer Walkathon 

Across the world, soccer is one of the most popular sports out there. Host a soccer walkathon, where each attendee has to bring a soccer ball. Then, from start to finish they have to keep kicking the soccer ball on track gently. You could also make participants wear a soccer jersey to celebrate the diversity of the soccer world. Similarly, you could also invite well known local soccer players to your event to attract attention. 

14. Book Walkathon

To encourage more reading, host an event where people have to dress up as their favorite character from a book. Maybe add more fun to it, by allowing participants to bring a book at the start or carry it to the finish, then involved in a book swap at the event. 

15. Virtual Clean Walkathon

Sadly, we see so much litter lying around us deposited by others. One way people could play their part is if you hosted a virtual walkathon. Allow people to track a certain distance, any route they like, and submit evidence of them picking up rubbish in their area. 

16. Pajama Walkathon

Host an event, where everyone from the organizers to the attendees has to walk in their pajamas. There’s something fun and comfortable about it being acceptable to walk outside in your nightwear!

17. Fashion Walkathon

We all see all the vibrant models and designs gracing fashion weeks across the world. Fashion is interpreted in different ways, so why not celebrate its diversity? Allow participants to be extravagant and wear colorful clothing. Similarly, make your route like a runway or even host a fashion show at the end! You could allow local charities to sell clothes or encourage attendees to donate ones they no longer use to promote sustainable fashion. 

If you add a theme to your walkathon, it definitely sets yours apart from the other ones out there. Likewise, adding a theme allows you to get creative. Which can also sprinkle fun elements to your planning, making some of your mundane tasks a bit easier to conduct. Also, when promoting your event, this allows you to become inventive. 

We hope you’ve gained some inspiration from these 17 great theme ideas for your walkathon. Have any more suggestions for great theme ideas? Hosted a themed walkathon before? Contact us and let us know about your suggestions/themed events. 

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