33 best walking places in the big cities of Europe

Europe is a continent many people flock to travel to for its sandy beaches and carb indulging food. It’s also a continent known for its castles, palaces, nightlife, art collections, many types of music, etc. 

There’s no one way of describing how wonderful Europe is, and this post would never end if we could state every reason to visit Europe. However, we genuinely feel that a major reason to visit is because of its walks.

Yes, Europe is a spectacular continent to walk around.

When traveling in Europe, you don’t need to venture offbeat to find its stunning walking places. You can optimize your walks by going around many large European capital cities.

To save you money from venturing far and time by researching, we’ve curated a list of the best walking places for European cities. 

33 best walking destinations for European cities 

1. Villa Borghese, Rome, Italy 

When in Rome… walk around Villa Borghese! Villa Borghese is a grand set of gardens and is the third-largest public park in Italy’s capital! It covers around 80 hectares of land and was constructed by the renowned architect Flaminio Ponzio. 

Walking around these gardens, you’ll find yourself standing in the presence of great history. Initially, in 1605 Pope Paul V’s nephew converted his private vineyards into lavish these lavish gardens. However, in the late 18th century, these gardens were updated and now have more English influence. 

The park is so big to walk around, that many opt to hire a rickshaw to go around its perimeter! However, if you choose to walk it, we feel you’ll easily navigate your way around as there are many maps scattered about all over the park. 

If you were to walk around this park without stopping, it should take around 45 minutes to complete. That’s if you don’t get distracted by its vendors, beautiful benches, or scenery!

2. Obolon Quay, Kyiv, Ukraine

We reckon Kyiv isn’t the first city that springs into your mind when thinking of walking destinations in Europe. Well, we are here to put that thought in your mind from now on. 

The Obolon Quay in Kyiv is in a modernized and picturesque part of Ukraine’s capital overlooking the Dnipro River’s stunning banks.

The Obolon Quay is a charming walk along the waterfront, where there are playgrounds for children, outdoor gyms for adults, a large public park known as Natalka Park and its stunning garden of stones.

3. Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo, Norway

Norway is a bucket list country for many due to its never-ending natural wonders. However, it’s capital serves as a reason alone to visit. 

The Vigeland Sculpture Park is the world’s largest man-made park with sculptures made by one artist. The park holds over 200 original pieces made by the Norwegian Sculptor Gustav Vigeland.

Over one million visitors visit this park per year, to see the magnificent bronze sculptures in full form. The fantastic thing about walking around this park is that it’s free to enter and open all year.

4. King St Stephen Public Park, Budapest, Hungary

If you’re visiting Hungary’s capital, we urge you to put your walking shoes and walk around the gorgeous King St Stephen Park. This park is not just a tourist attraction; it’s so beautiful that many locals choose to spend time there. 

What’s unique about this area is that the park is in the shape of a T and is away from the cities hustle and bustle.

When walking around this park, expect to see mesmerizing views of Margaret Island and the hills of Budapest. While walking around, you’ll also encounter many historical statues, famous monuments, and penthouses, and flats.

5. Luxembourg Gardens, Paris, France

Paris is a city renowned for its gorgeous and well maintained public parks. When visiting, you MUST walk around the Luxembourg Gardens. 

This is a park where locals choose to spend their downtime and go for runs or snack on local food. These gardens were constructed by France’s late King Henry IV’s widow Mairie de Medici back in the 16 century.

Today the garden is owned by the French government and covers 23 hectares of land. Many people love these gardens because of its well-kept lawns, flowerbeds, towering trees, and it’s marvelous Medici Fountain. We suggest to walk there on a sunny day and bring a picnic for the park!

6. Alfama District, Lisbon, Portugal

Sometimes when walking in cities, you need to do more than just appreciate its natural landscape. You should spend time walking around enjoying hard work, and one great place to admire hard work is the Alfama district in Lisbon.

This district is full of ancient houses, cobbled streets, and a range of labyrinth type alleys. While many people come to walk around this colorful district today, the truth is that it used to be a district full of poverty. 

However, the viewpoints of Lisbon in the Alfama districts are too good to miss. We can’t estimate how long it will take to walk around, as we know most likely you’ll get distracted by its architecture. 

Likewise, because this is one of Lisbon’s oldest areas, you’ll become acquainted with many shops and cafes. 

7. Old Town Market Square, Warsaw, Poland

If you like to visit a country’s past, walk around Old Town Market Square in Poland’s capital city. This is located in the center and is the oldest part of Warsaw. 

Walk around and look at the 19th century beautiful buildings ranging in different colors. While these were reconstructed from 1948-1953, they were made to look like the ones of the 17th century. 

8. Vondelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

When visiting Amsterdam, we suggest visiting The Netherlands’ largest park, Vondelpark. It’s free to walk around and covers around 120 acres of land. 

It’s so popular; around 10 million visitors come here each year to visit. Make sure you visit in the summer, as there are plenty of free concerts taking place in the park’s bandstand. It also has an open air theatre and a playground for children!

9. Volkspark Friedrichshain, Berlin, Germany

Freely walk around Berlin’s oldest public park. This park is filled with gorgeous little lakes, playgrounds, and outdoor cafes. Perhaps try and visit in the summer and witness a movie from its open air cinema.

Admire its artificial mountains constructed from ruins of WWI bunkers and remaining rubble from former buildings destroyed from the war. If you want to embrace your active side, even more, there’s a jogging course and a rock climbing wall to burn out your energy on! Likewise, get a group of strangers together and play beach volleyball.

10. Bosphorus, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a magical place to visit, and one great area to walk in Turkey’s capital is along the Bosphorus. This is a narrow straight and is part of a waterway that forms some of the boundaries between Europe and Asia. What’s unique about this length is that it extends up to 31km and has a width of 700m.

Don’t be fooled, that’s the Bosphorus, the walks are a lot smaller in the distance. However, we feel it’s one of the best walking areas as there are well-kept promenades alongside its banks to walk on. 

Breathe in the fresh air and walk for hours between neighborhoods situated next to the Bosphorus. The views you will witness from the banks are simply mesmerizing. Likewise, admire the gorgeous old-style mansions, locals, and shops.

11. Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik, Croatia 

Walk in Croatia’s capital all the way up to its ancient western fortress Lovrijenac. This magnificent fortress sets the scene of Dubrovnik’s landscape. 

It towers 121 feet above sea level and is on the city’s western wall. The fort was constructed in the 10th century and to reach; you can go by car or walk.

We recommend walking in the Croatian sun, reaching Fort Lovrijenac. The walk is a steep one to reach the fort; however, it’s so rewarding to see Dubrovnik’s 360-degree views when up at the top. 

If you like Game of Thrones, you’ll recognize that this was the Red Keep in Kings Landing. Why don’t you walk up to the fort and reenact a scene from GOT? 

If you want to make the most of your time there with little tourists, we recommend walking early in the morning in time for the opening of the fort.

12. Töölö Bay, Helsinki, Finland

The quaint serene Töölö Bay is a fantastic area to walk in and away from Helsinki’s hustle and bustle. It specifically has a walking route of around 2.1km and full of nature. 

In the summer, boaters are paddling in its lake with gorgeous swans swimming about there. When walking in Töölö Bay, you’ll also see a range of magnificent architecture such as the building of the Finnish National Opera, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, The National Museum and Central Library Oodi. To visit this park, it’s only 2-3 minutes walk from the center of Helsinki.

13. Kastellet, Copenhagen, Denmark

You have to walk around one of Europe’s most preserved fortresses, Kastellet in Copenhagen. We suggest walking here because the land of a fortress is in the shape of a pentagon! 

This fortress was built in 1664 and became a citadel. While visiting the fort is informative, if you choose to walk around its perimeter, it’s free of charge. Have fun looking at the grounds, the moats, and the views of Copenhagen from Kastellet. 

14. Bastions Park, Geneva, Switzerland

Next to Geneva’s old town is the beautiful Bastions Park, great to walk around in any season. This park holds great significance as it has Geneva’s first botanical garden. 

When you walk through the park, you may get distracted from the many free activities you can participate in. There’s a giant game of chess and checkers, where you can play locals lifting human sized pieces! 

This gorgeous green space has many benches where you can rest your legs. Walking around, also allows you to see important landmarks such as the reformation of a monument to the leaders of the protestant reformation. This park is also Geneva’s largest park.

15. The Garden of Cotroceni Palace, Bucharest, Romania 

There seems to be a common theme emerging about walking gorgeous gardens of forts and places. Well, the Garden of Cotroceni Palace in Bucharest is no different! 

The palace is actually the residence of the president of Romania and has been since 1991. However, it has some gorgeous well kept peaceful gardens we recommend you walking around and combining it with a sightseeing visit.

16. Tivoli Park, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Visit and walk around Ljublijana’s largest park. What’s great about walking there is that the park leads right into the city center of Ljubljana. When walking, you’ll see and most likely admire its stunning design by the French engineer Jean Blanchard in 1813. 

Overall, Tivoli Park covers 5km and has vibrant flower beds, gorgeous green trees, fountains, and statues. When walking around, don’t be surprised if you see many locals, as this is the area they choose to hang out in on their downtime, it’s that beautiful. 

17. Puerta del Sol, Madrid, Spain

The iconic Puerta Del Sol is a large public square in Madrid. Even though it’s one of the busiest in the city, no trip is complete to Madrid without walking around the buzzing square. 

This square has a lot of history and used to be one of the gates in the city wall, which surrounded Madrid in the 1500s. Historically, this square also served as an essential meeting point for many of Spain’s influential figures.

18. Victory Park, Minsk, Belarus 

Victory Park is Minsk’s largest park. This park has many stunning fountains and sculptures which commemorate their past Nazi victory. Compared to other countries, this park is slightly more new as it was opened on June 22nd 1945. 

This was the same day Nazi Germany launched an attack on the USSR. There are a lot of monuments dedicated to the war. However, if history is not for you, there is also a beach and a playground for children. If you like birds, it’s only a bridge away from wildlife reserve known as bird island.

19. Anafiotika, Athens, Greece

Anfiotika is an old neighborhood that’s not full of the typical tourists in Athens. We suggest walking around here because it’s part of the ancient historical Athenian district known as Plaka. 

The streets are narrow, and the walk involves weaving around the neighborhood, which is a bit steep. However, its photo worthy houses date back to the Otto of Greece. Walking around here, you get a sense of what the Greek islands have to offer due to its charming architecture.

20. Judarskogen Nature Preserve, Stockholm, Sweden 

If you love flora and fauna, you will love to walk in Judarskogen. Breathe in the fresh area and enjoy the best of Stockholm’s nature. In particular, it has a calm, tranquil lake which you can walk around and not feel like you’re in the heart of the city! 

Compared to other areas of Stockholm, this is not a tourist hotspot; it’s a place locals come to stroll around, which makes it perfect for walking.

21. Hljómskálagarður, Reykjavik, Iceland

Located in Iceland’s downtown area is the serene Hljómskálagarður Park. Walking around this park, you will come across a diverse range of wildlife, especially birds! Many freshwater birds rest on its lakes, such as duck and geese. 

This gorgeous green area showcases stunning views of Reykjavik and is right next to the National Gallery and Reykavik’s city hall. Walking around it, you’ll also come across a sculpture garden which is dedicated to five Icelandic Woman.

22. Greenwich Park, London, United Kingdom

Located in South East London, is its breathtaking free Greenwich Park. This park has over 183 acres of land and is a fantastic place to walk around. While you can walk, the majority of people come to see the views of the park. 

Walk to The Royal Observatory, and you will catch a phenomenal view of Londons Skyline. On a good day, you can see The Isle of Dogs, River Thames and the City of London. This view is so popular, don’t be surprised if you’ve seen it before, in the backdrop of many famous films.

Formerly, this park used to be a hunting ground for the royals back in the 14th century. Henry VI gifted the park to the Duke of Gloucester, Humphrey. 

Walk to The Meridian Line and see where the reference point of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) takes place. Greenwich is also renowned for housing many stag beetles. Greenwich Park also has a rose garden and is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

23. Phoenix Park, Dublin, Ireland

Walk around the largest enclosed city park in the whole of Europe! Phoenix Park is free to walk around and open throughout the whole year. The gorgeous greenery covers 707 hectares of land and is more than 350 years old. 

It also has many stunning state homes and has the official residence of the president of Ireland. In the 1660’s this used to be a royal hunting park, and even now, it has many fallow deer wandering about the beautiful land. There are many walking trails within this park.

24. Planetenweg, Uetilberg, Zurich, Switzerland

In Switzerland’s capital, there is a stunning walking trail known as Planetenweg. What’s cool about this place is that it allows you to walk through a solar system model! Each meter of distance that you walk represents one million kilometers from the sun to Pluto. 

In total, the walk takes around 2 hours to complete and is suitable for the whole family. You don’t have to be extremely fit to participate in this, and it’s easy to achieve. When you reach, you get to witness stunning views of Lake Zurich and mountains in the far distance.

25. Parc Guell, Barcelona, Spain

Known as one of the biggest green spaces in Barcelona is Parc Guell. It covers more than 17 hectares of land. This park was designed by the magnificent artists Antonio Gaudi and Parc Güell. Walking around it, you’ll find a gorgeous municipal garden seeing stunning mosaic sculptures. 

When walking around it, you’ll find stunning serpentine benches that snake their way around the park. What’s epic about Parc Guell is that it also has panoramic views of Barcelona. It also has gingerbread gatehouses and is an extremely popular tourist attraction.

26. Garden of Mont des Arts, Brussels, Belgium

Located in Belgium’s capital is the magnificent Garden of Mont Des Arts. This public park was constructed between 1954-1956 and a historic site. 

When walking around this garden, you’ll become subject to the best views of Brussels. Specifically, you will see a fantastic view of the Grand Palace and the center of the capital. Surrounding the garden is gorgeous neo-gothic buildings for you to admire. 

27. Bernardine Gardens in Vilnius, Lithuania

Bernadine Gardens in Vilnius was created in the 14th century. These gardens are located right in the center of Vilnius on the junction of Gediminas, Castle Hill, and the Bernadine Monastery. 

When walking around these well kept gardens, you will find a range of colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees. If you want to take a break from walking, there is also a giant chessboard, where you can play against your friends or locals. Similarly, if you have children, then there is also a playpark.

28. Lycabettus Hill, Athens, Greece 

In Athens, there is a hill where you can walk up and is 277 meters above sea level. It’s also the highest point in Athens. The path you walk is circular, and because of its steepness requires a good level of fitness to reach. 

If you’re not the walker, you can get the cable car up to the top; however, we suggest you walk as it’s so rewarding. Once at the top of Lycabettus Hill, you’ll find yourself in awe at Athens’ breathtaking views. 

When looking out, you will see views of famous landmarks such as Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Panathenaic Stadium, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and Athens coastline. We recommend going for sunrise or sunset. 

29. Sandberg, Bratislava, Slovakia

Only 12km from Bratislava is Sandberg, a giant sandstone hill. This is a frequented site for geologists and paleontologists as its rich in fossils and minerals. 

What’s even more magical is that when you reach the top of the hill, you will see Bratislava’s panoramic views. When walking, be even more surprised to realize that this site used to have a sea surrounding it; this was around 14-16 million years back.

30. Cascine Park, Florence, Italy

Cascine Park is a free public park in Florence. The park covers over 160 hectares of land and is located on the Arno River’s north bank. This well kept park has a range of stunning types of trees such as elms, maples, English oaks, ashes, ivy, pines, nettle trees, and many more. 

Inside the center of the park, there is also has a stunning monument and a circular fountain. If you have any children, we recommend letting them roam free in its cool playgrounds.

31. Kadrioru Park, Tallinn, Estonia

Created in the 18th century, Kadrioru Park is stunning and calming to walk around. It covers about 70 hectares of land and stunning flower beds. It also has famous monuments, lake and it overlooks the president’s palace. 

Alongside this, there a well kept paved sidewalks filled with trees, and its perimeter is around 2.5km. Kadrioru Park is free to walk in and is open 24 hours of the year.

31. Hyde Park, London, United Kingdom

This park covers around 142 hectares of land and is the largest park across all of central London.

Hyde Park has its own recreational lake, known as The Serpentine, which covers 40 acres. It was specifically created in 1730 for the royal, Queen Caroline. Alongside this, it has many memorials and statues you can look at while you walk. The park also has a rose garden with a wide variety of flowers and fountains.

What’s fantastic about Hyde Park is that there’s always something happening. It’s one of the most popular parks, as many concerts happen here across the summer and a popular place for picnics. Similarly, on a Sunday, they host a speaker’s corner, where people come and give speeches.

31. Nordnes Park, Bergen, Norway

Located near the center of Bergen is Nordnes Park, which covers around 8.1 acres of land. It also has stunning views of Nordnes seawater, and it overlooks Bergen’s port. Walk around the park and watch vessels coming into Bergen.

32. Holyrood Park, Edinburgh, Scotland

Holyrood Park is one of Edinburgh’s most famous parks, full of green lawn and gorgeous sights of Scotland’s capital. This land covers 650 acres and is home to Edinburgh’s most iconic landmark known as Arthurs Seat. This is the highest extinct volcano in Europe and is located at the center of the park. 

33. IHZ-Park, Dusseldorf Germany 

IHZ-Park is a stunning park in Dusseldorf; you can walk around, covering 5 hectares of land. It’s a relatively new park as it was opened in the 1970s and has a range of paths walk across. In total, the tracks cover 0.6 of a mile. 

There you have it, 35 of the best walking places in the big cities of Europe. To be honest, 35 sites does not do the whole continent of Europe justice. There are so many stunning places to walk in Europe, whether they’re man made or natural.

The best thing about these is most of them are free to enter, and walking is free to do.

Visit one of these places today. 

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