All the benefits of setting up a walkathon

Do you want to make history but do not know how? One way of making your mark on this earth is by being proactive towards change. You don’t have to be a scientist to create an impact. In fact, it’s much less time consuming than that; you can simply start by setting up a walkathon. 

Yes, a walkathon. You know the even similar to a marathon, but instead of running, you walk it? In case you aren’t familiar with this type of event, it’s a walking event held often in aid of a charity. Walkathons can have a range of distances, anything from 1km to 100km, it’s truly an event for all!

If you host your own walkathon, you can raise awareness and a large proportion of funds to a charity of your choice. However, if you were to set up one, we would be lying to say that this would be the only benefit of hosting.

The truth is, there are multiple.

We want many people as possible to host walkathons, due to these benefits, which are:

1. It Looks Great on Your Resume 

Those who often host events like walkathons are seen as fantastic leaders. To successfully host a walkathon, you need to plan, organize it, and then follow up afterward. During this process, you utilize and gain so many skills such as leadership, administration, organization, public relations, marketing, communication, and many more. Whether you’re placing it on your resume or Linked In profile, this is an incredible feat to have for future employers to see. Even in interviews, you can give examples of the times you’ve used those specific skills.

2. Raising Money For a Better Tomorrow

You want to be that changemaker, don’t you? As an organizer of a walkathon (as long as you get the permission), you can hold it in honor of your most precious charity. Imagine having hundreds to a few thousand participants, raising money helping fuel change. 

Consider the impact your walkathon will have on funding towards new research or helping better others’ lives around you. Even more so, after your event, more people may, in turn, raise money for your designed charity hosting their own event. Similarly, they may sign up to the charity and regularly provide their time and voluntary contribution.

3. Unites the Local Community

Unfortunately, we live in a world which is full of political disputes. We can see many people turn on one another for the simplest of things. However, now and again, we do notice people who come together for the greater good. 

Hosting walkathons are a fantastic way to get the local community connected. As the walkathon’s intentions are simply to walk and raise money, people from different backgrounds tend to leave their problems at home. Similarly, if individuals are new to the area, this is an excellent way for people to come out to get to know one another.

4. Promotes an Active Lifestyle

In today’s times, everyone likes to be on their smartphones, laptops and watching the TV. As a result, we find ourselves in front of our screens a large proportion of the time and less time spent exercising. This event can allow people to be reintroduced to a less strenuous form of exercise, walking. Once participants take part in your event, it may encourage them to become more active again. Which in the long run, it could become the catalyst to lead more healthy lifestyles.

5. You Become Known Within Your Community

As mentioned above, organizing a walkathon involves using or learning many skills. Throughout the stages of setting up one, you’ll come into contact with many people. Likewise, many people will know who you are and your attachment to the event when hosting it. This is a fantastic way for people to remember you by and an excellent means to network, after organizing a walkathon, who knows what future opportunities may open up for you.

6. You Get To Unleash Your Creative Side

By no means are hosting walkathons boring! When preparing for this event, different parts allow you to get in touch with your creative genius. You can add elements of fun by hosting a walkathon with a specific theme! For suggestions, look at our post 17 great theme ideas for your walkathon

Delve more into creativity when marketing your event. You can choose to design it any way you like! Similarly, if you decide to have t-shirts, you can create them too and the walkathons course. 

7. Raises Awareness 

Whatever charity you choose for your walkathon, whether its a big or small, you’re helping it get put on people’s radar. You are playing your part to promote the charity. On another matter, if you have participants who are silently suffering from a particular condition and your charity aligns with that, this event may empower them to get the help they need. 

8. No Discrimination Towards Exercise

Like we mentioned earlier, walkathons truly unite the community. People from different backgrounds can get together. Did you know, you also don’t need to be able to walk to do a walkathon? A lot of walkathons allow wheelchair users, and some allow strollers into the event. Likewise, at walkathons, you will find even the elderly take part! This is an event, which accepts everyone and does not discriminate. 

9. It allows new bonds to be formed 

If walkathons are not held often in your local area, then you must consider hosting one. Walkathons serve as a great event for workplaces, as they usually take staff out and use it as a team-building event. Your event could be the perfect morale booster for overworked companies. 

Similarly, families take part in them, and it’s a fantastic day out for them to spend quality time together. There are even schools where the teachers, parents, and children take part in it. Likewise, you get to meet lots of different people in your local community forming new bonds.

10. You Get To Have Lots of Fun

Even though you may think, the process of a walkathon may be long-winded, you get to have lots of fun on the build-up. Whether it’s going outside and setting the route to promoting the event or speaking on behalf of the event. Every opportunity you have is a fun one. 

11. Feel Good Factor 

When you take part in exercise, your brain releases neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Endorphins stimulate a positive feeling. Therefore, once participants finish the walkathon, they will most likely be feeling good about the event. On a different note, you will most likely feel good as an organizer witnessing it on paper to its completion. 

Once completed, you will most likely feel a sense of accomplishment of what you have achieved and done to better the world around you. It also provides you with a permanent reminder of what you’ve achieved. Therefore when it comes to hosting any future events which are similar to this, you will most likely have quiet confidence within yourself.

12. Large Percentage of Funds Go Towards Charity

If you successfully organize a walkathon, a large amount of the money raised directly goes to the charity. Especially if you get sponsors who help cover your event and volunteers who will give up their free time to participate. If you do this, a large percentage goes straight towards the cause and not just organizing it. 

Well, have we convinced you yet on why you should start planning to host your walkathon? There’s more than just making history! You can really help unite your local community, raise awareness of your favorite charity, and encourage many to lead an active lifestyle. That’s why you should start planning and organizing your first walkathon today. We need to see more walkathons in the world.

Don’t worry; we are there to help you. 

To make it easier for you, check out our post with a full checklist on how do you organize a walkathon (link here). 

Perhaps you have arranged a walkathon and feel like we’ve missed some benefits off this list? Contact us and let us know what we can add to this post.

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