Get fit with a walking challenge

Are you looking to get into shape? Perhaps you want to get started on that body of yours for your summer vacation? Or maybe you want to increase your fitness levels?

Whether you’re saying yes to all of these questions, one of these questions, or simply none, we have a fantastic way to spice up your walking routine.

That’s by taking part in a walking challenge. 

We feel that walking challenges serve as a fantastic incentive to get you out walking. What’s fun about these challenges is that there is a range of them online to complete.

Even if you don’t like a specific one, you can draw inspiration from them and create your own!

Alongside this, you can choose your own time boundaries to complete while doing your walking challenge. 

To give you a few ideas of what walking challenges to complete, we’ve curated some of the best ones.

Walking Challenges

Virtual Walking Challenge

Similar to virtual walkathons, there are virtual walking challenges. The fantastic thing about a virtual walking challenge is that you can do them anytime and anywhere. 

This involves selecting a challenge of a specific distance you want to walk within a particular month and gain a reward. Typically, you have to choose a website, enter your target distance you wish to achieve, pay for your participation, then submit your proof of you walking that distance within that month. 

At the end of the month, once the company acknowledges your distance, you often get a certificate, medal, and t-shirt. 

Here are some websites which are currently running virtual walking challenges:

Race At Your Pace

A virtual challenge website aimed to get more people to exercise and complete virtual challenges. Race At Your Pace is mainly aimed at participants in the U.K. However; if you live outside the U.K too, they do allow you to participate; but it’s an additional £5 on top of the costs. Then you have importation tax, etc. if you wish to purchase a medal or a t-shirt.

The Conqueror

The Conqueror is a website that allows walkers from all over the World to participate in a virtual challenge. What’s unique about this site is that you can take part in challenges such as Route 66, the Inca Trail, Camino De Santiago, and many more without having to travel there! Upon successful completion, you also get a t-shirt and a medal. 

Time Outdoors

Time Outdoors is a useful website to use in terms of walking events and virtual challenges. It serves as a website that hosts a range of different events and activities. It even has a section for virtual challenges, where you can filter via distance, price, date, and location. It’s worth checking out. 

The Virtual Run Challenge 

Who says you can’t participate in virtual run events and just walk them? Not us. Take part in a virtual run challenge by walking them within the specific time frame, get a medal and a t-shirt as a reward. 

The distances you can complete range from 1 mile to 26.2 miles. If you wish, you can always make it for a good cause by raising money for charity.

Virtual walking apps 

Nowadays, many virtual walking apps are free to use for Android and iOS, which will motivate you to walk more. What usually happens is that they have a virtual incentive such as points, rewards, and levels to keep you going. 

We love this idea and have picked some of our favorite ones; they are:

World Walking

This is a charity run initiative that allows you to walk and collect achievements. You can use World Walking on your desktop or on your smartphone. It’s straightforward and free to use. What’s unique about their challenges is that it syncs with your Android, iOS, or Fitbit device. 

You can take part in walks the distance of all over the World. You can search by country or continent and select. Before taking part in the walk, it tells you how many steps you will need to achieve to complete that given walk, and then once you undergo it, it syncs with your device tracking your steps. 

My Virtual Mission

Using My Virtual Mission you can keep motivated and focused by creating your own virtual challenges on their website or app. To participate, you will need to sync it with Strava as that monitors your distance and steps you’ve taken. 

This app allows you to create your route, i.e., your mission, exercise, and record your progress along the way. You can also see other missions on the world map and take part in them.

Charity Miles

Why not take part in a walk and raise money virtually for a good cause? Charity Miles is an app that allows you to make a difference. The app is free to download; however, you have to select your charity, and then every mile you walk, you earn money for your chosen charity. How? 

Charity Miles has its own corporate sponsorship pool, and funds go from them to your charity. You can also get your friends and family to sponsor you; there’s no bigger walking incentive than knowing you’re playing your part towards change. 

Walk The Distance

Walk The Distance is an app specifically designed for iOS users. It synchronizes with your apple health app. It takes the steps you accomplish on each walking session showing how far you’ve accomplished on the Appalachian Trail, Boston marathon, and many other routes. 

What’s rewarding about this virtual walking app is that it leaves checkpoints along the way, serving it as a great way to keep you motivated on your walks. 

It also uses little power on your mobile, and most of the walks are free. If you want to compete in additional trails, then they are only 0.99c extra!

Step Challenges 

Now we’re confident most of you have heard of step challenges. Step challenges are a fun way to compete against yourself, friends, or family. To take part in a step challenge, you will need one of the following:

Stride Kick

Stride Kick is an app available for Android or iOS. It allows you to connect a range of fitness trackers from a Fitbit, Apple Watch, iPhone, Apple Health, Wear Os by Google, Google Fit, Garmin, Withings, and Misfit. 

You can create step challenges for yourself, friends, and family to compete in this app. There is also company step challenges where you can participate with your co-workers in the office. You can participate in community challenges too.

Social Steps

This is an app specifically designed for iOS. It allows you to set your daily goal and choose the number of steps you walk. You can walk against your friends, compete and win trophies, and see your name go up in the leaderboards.


If you have a Fitbit tracker, you can use its app, which monitors your steps. What’s unique about Fitbit is that it takes you on adventures, and you can reach landmarks and countries on a solo step challenge. 

It also notes steps in your daily life to reach specific iconic destinations. Along the way, it allows you to collect treasures, and it provides mini fitness challenges on the way. 

You can also compete against friends who have Fitbits across daily, weekend, and workweek challenges. When you win a challenge, you also gain a badge.

Count it 

Count it is an app that synchronizes with tracking devices and is free to use. It allows you to track your steps and compete against others within your local community. 

You can also battle against others across the World and synchronize it to your Slack channels! It’s free to use, however, the paid versions include additional challenges and leagues, alongside a few more benefits.

Manual Challenges 

Given all of the above, there are also manual challenges out there. All you need to do is go to Pinterest or Google Images and type in walking challenges. 

You’ll find there are ready made walking challenges over 30 days with different mileages to complete. There are also ones longer than 30 days. If you don’t like them, you can create your own similar to these and tick off each day as you go along.

Walking challenges are a great way to get out and become more active. There’s nothing like having a competitive edge or feeling like you’re improving over time. Walking challenges serve as a great way to monitor your progress.

Take part in a walking challenge today.

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