Overview of walkathons in the US in 2020

Believe it or not, the first-ever walkathon was conducted in Puerto Rico back in 1953 against cancer, as mentioned by Rallybound. It wasn’t until around ten years later that it took off in America. The most successful walkathon in 1971 gathered over 150,000 walkers and raised approximately $1.2 to combat hunger.

Since that historic walkathon, many have occurred since in the US. We all know it is a beautiful country due to the vast amount of scenic landscapes and trails to walk. 

However, 2020 has been a year turned upside down, causing many us to embrace a new normal. COVID-19 has caused many countries to go on lockdown, resulting in many events canceled. 

Luckily, we all know walking is something we can easily do. The great thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere, and little resources are required. You only need some comfortable clothes to participate in, for that matter.

If you like the energy generated from walkathons, you may also have some confusion as you’re not sure if such events are taking place or when they will be rescheduled. 

Look no further; we have you covered.

To help you find out the overview of the remaining walkathons in the US in 2020, we suggest:

Check online

Many online event sites frequently advertise about upcoming walkathons for the rest of 2020. If you visit Active you can search by date, event type, and area. Similarly, another website to check is Marathons.ahotu, as that also regularly displays local walkathons in your area. 

To save you some time, we’ve seen the following popular walkathons advertised:


1st-9th- 2020 Strollin’ for the Colon VIRTUAL 5K Run/Walk

An online walk for 5k to raise money for research for colorectal cancer and colon cancer screenings. 

5th- Paradise Island 5K Run / Walk

A 5k walk in nature on the backcountry trail next to Orange Beach in Alabama. 

8th-17th Annual DUI Victims Memorial 10K Run & 1 Mile Walk

A 1-mile walk to honor lives taken by impaired drivers. Funds raised from this event go to the maintaining of DUI victim’s memorial garden in Pennsylvania.

29th- Crack O’ Dawn 5K Run/Walk & Pancake Breakfast

Crack O’Dawn is an early morning 5K for all ages. Held in Boalsburg Pennsylvania and pancake breakfast is served.


5th- Laurel 150th Anniversary 5K Run/Walk and Fun Walk

A 5k walk and funds go to Laurel Diabetes Awareness Initiative. 

12th- Main Line Animal Rescue 2020 Tails & Trails 5k Run/2k Walk

A 5k walk across trails with views of Pickering Meade Farm in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania. 

12th- Virtual Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes, Lubbock, TX

A virtual walk to help raise funds to fight diabetes. Step Out empowers families, leads education diabetic programs, fight access for affordable diabetic healthcare and support diabetes-related projects. 

19th- Kier’s Hope 3rd Annual 5K Run & Fun Walk

A 5k walk on Margaret Hill Bridge in Dallas Texas. 

26thNavigate Recovery Gwinnett 2020 Run/Walk for Recovery

A 5k walk held in Georgia USA at the Alexander Park. Funds go to local families and individuals affected by addiction and help them get support.

26thAutism Awareness 5K/1 Mile Color Run & Walk

A 1-mile walk full of color to raise money for an Autism Awareness nonprofit. Biodegradable color powder is thrown on each other during the walk. It’s held at Wichita Falls in Texas. 

27th- Tini Semeria Spark in the Dark 5K Walk/Run

This is a 5k walk in the dark located in Athens, northeast Georgia. The funds from the walk go to raising money for scholarships.

29th-  Walking Deadwood Zombie Run/Walk

A walking dead themed 3mile walk-in Deadwood, South Dakota. 


2nd- The Phoenix Classic 5K Run/Walk

A virtual 5k walk is taking place in Phoenix, Arizona.

4th- Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk

Organized by the Boston Marathon, this is a walk where you can walk either 5k,10k, half a marathon, or a marathon. This walk is happening virtually and money raised will go towards funding cancer clinical trials, personalized support for patients, state of the art facilities, and cancer treatments.  

8th- The Energy 5K/Run/Walk

A light 5k walk held in Guthrie, Oklahoma, for all abilities. The proceedings from this event go to nonprofit known as The Simple Life Center, a community center for children and families. 

10th- Harvest Hustle 5K Run/Walk – 2020

A 5K walk held in Lindale, Texas.

10th- Walk, Run & Roll

One mile walk across Deleware city. 

13thWalking in Authority for the Homeless 5K

A 5k walk to raise money for the homeless in Memphis, Tennessee.

17th- Virtual Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes,Fort Lauderdale FL

A virtual walk to raise money to fight diabetes.

17thSt. Luke’s Weight Management Center’s Healthy Steps @ Any Size 5K Walk

A 5k walk held in Bethlehem Pennsylvania by St Luke’s Weight Management Center. This walk aims to raise money to help educate people about obesity and become more active. This walk is open to all abilities and all sizes.

17th- Memory Lane 1K Roll/5K Run/Walk

A 1km course for community members and members of St Pauls Elder Services Nursing home. This walk is held to remember the loved ones you’ve lost. Likewise, the funds raised will help fund two medical scholarships for locals. 

17th- Zombie Run 5K & 1-Mile Walk

A zombie-themed 1-mile walk in Nevada, with actors dressed up as zombies trying to scare you. 

18th- Virtual Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes, Boston, MA

A virtual walk in Boston, to help raise funds to fight diabetes. Step Out empowers families, leads education diabetic programs, fight access for affordable diabetic healthcare and support diabetes-related projects. 

24th- Trail & Treat 3K (All Ages)

A light 5K located in Sandhills State Park, Kansas from five years and up. 


7th- Virtual Step Out Walk To Stop Diabetes, Philadelphia

A virtual walk in Philadelphia, to help raise funds to fight diabetes. 

8th- Walking Event – Wizards 5k

A fun 5k walking event where all participants dress up as wizards. Dogs and strollers are welcome on this walk in Seattle’s Greenlake Park. 

8th- Michelle’s Place Walk of Hope 2020

This 1 mile Californian walk is to raise funds to individuals impacted by cancer. Michelle’s place is a charity that helps people with the necessary support and services to individuals with cancer or to support their families. 

15thAztlan 5K Classic Run/Walk

Aztlan Athletics host a 5k walk in Monterey Park in California. Money raised from the event helps Aztlan Athletics Foundation and East Los Angeles College Track & Field Team. Which have prevented scholarships and mentored youths since 1979.


5th- Midway Shelter Winter 5K Run/Walk

A 5k walk happening in San Fransico at the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal. Donations from this walk help provide emergency shelter to homeless women and children in Alameda. 

12thJingle Bell 5k Walk 

A dog-friendly 5k walk located in Coplay, Pennsylvania, hosted by Whitehall Area Rotary Club.

12thVelvet Hammer 5K Social Walk -DecemBEER

A social 5k hosted in Dallas, Texas. This event allows you to walk, chat, and enjoy three beers during the event.

Even if you see a walkathon event advertised in your state, we would recommend following up with the organizer. Visit their website, call them up, or email them. As these are third party websites and given the current situation, it’s worth checking out with the organizer directly if they are going ahead with this. Similarly, even if they have it advertised right now, they may still be considering canceling it later.

Don’t loose hope

Just because COVID-19 has happened, and the world is in the middle of a pandemic, does not stop you from participating in one virtually. Virtual walkathons are great to do; it just involves you social distancing, completing the walk often and in your own time. 

You still have to cover the walking distance, yet you often submit your evidence by a GPS app where you track your walk. Likewise, depending on the virtual event, you can still collect souvenirs such as medals or t-shirts to give you an incentive for taking part.

If you can’t go outside, you can still participate in virtual walkathons and be creative in participating in your home. 

Similarly, you could always host your own.

If you’re hosting your own virtual walkathon, read here on how to organize. 

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