These 10 apps and software will help your walkathon

So the seed has been planted firmly in your mind, about hosting a walkathon. Well done for taking that first step towards creating history! No doubt, though, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about the larger picture. 

We’ve got you.

Just like walking, all you need to do is tackle one step at a time, which will help you achieve the initial goal you intended to hit, which is to host your successful walkathon!

We know that we can’t sit down with you and manually work out your walkathon plan. However, we can certainly speed up and ease your workload by presenting you with some great apps and software to use. The truth is, there are many out there to aid each step of your walkathon. However, out of the many, we narrowed down some of the best into a list for you. 

Here are 10 apps and software which will help your walkathon

1. Coggle

You’ve decided to host your very own walkathon; however, you have a few things to figure out. Coggle is an online mind mapping software, which allows you to pool your thoughts into a mindmap. They offer three types of service; however, the first is free! Its free feature allows you to create up to three private diagrams. 

Similarly, you can customize it with images and colors, whatever way you require. If you are the type of person who likes to brainstorm, this is an excellent software to use, which you can access anywhere. Similarly, it allows for quicker organization and eco-friendly as no paper is used.

2. Slack

How big is your walkathon going to be? Will, it just be you hosting it, or will you have a team of volunteers working alongside you? Slack is a free encrypted American software that can bring your group together. While there are other affordable packages, the free version lets you connect and send up to 10,000 messages. You can access Slack from your desktop or using your mobile. 

Likewise, it also allows you to integrate with other apps such as Google Drive and Office 365. This may help you if you’re distributing documents like flyers, sponsor forms, marketing information to your team, or vice versa. We know as an organizer, you will most likely receive many emails about your event. Slack saves you the clutter and time and allows you to distribute to your team in a shared workspace. Moreover, you can also video or voice call them from the software or the app at any given time. 

3. Trello

You’ve got a reasonably large team and many tasks to achieve to make your walkathon a hit. Sometimes, when overseeing your team, you may lose track of what project or task a volunteer is undergoing. Trello serves a virtual platform to create boards, lists, and cards to get you on top of your organization. On the boards, you can assign different team members to each task, set urgency periods and deadlines for them to complete. Trello is built-in with calendar features and also integrates with Slack. It’s free to use and available for desktop and mobile. 

4. Qgiv

Before you can promote your event, you need to find a way of collecting participant information. You must do this and provide a platform where they can pay their entry fee, collect sponsor forms, submit the money, and store data. While there are many services out there that do this, Qgiv curates all of these stages into one platform. It’s a technology that has especially been designed for fundraising. 

Qgiv allows you to create an event page where participants can sign up and pay. Moreover, participants can collect donations/sponsors through their page on one of their templates. It also has built-in features, where participants can have sponsors text in their donations. Likewise, you have built-in analytics where you can send emails out to your participants. The best part is, this platform is highly customizable to your liking, and they offer a range of monthly services. 

5. Strava

Now, if you’re hosting a virtual walkathon, you need to have a way for your participants to track their race/walk coverage. Similarly, to use a universal app which does not have any disadvantages over others. As many walking apps may record distance at a slightly different rate to others. Strava is a free app used by walkers, runners, and cyclists.

It operates off GPS, tracks distance, time and creates a map of your route. Likewise, it provides built-in features, where you can view your performance in a graph. Participants can save their information and submit it to you for award recognition. 

6. Boomset

On the day of your walkathon, you need to manage attendance through registrations and make sure only the eligible participants can participate. Boomset is a software that has been specifically designed for event hosting. It allows you to manage event registration by QR code scanning or face recognition. It also allows you to take cashless payments from your participants. Similarly, after the event, you can view information as it has built-in analytics. 

7. Canva

Do you have limited resources for hosting your walkathon? Maybe you need designs such as a logo, banners, and other artwork to promote your event. One epic software to use is Canva, which you can use for free. Once you sign up, they have ready-made templates to fit Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more social media platforms. Similarly, they have different sizes and you can search for pre-made templates based on your event type. Canva is also useful for certificates, as you can create them for free for your participants.

This software also allows you to upload your images onto the designs and customize it to your liking. Once you’ve finished your design, you can save it into many formats, such as a PDF or JPEG. You can also make videos using this software, presentations, and GIFS. Likewise, once done, it also allows you to post to your social media page.

8. Eventbrite 

You will want to advertise and promote your event across social media platforms. However, it would be best if you considered the individuals who aren’t on social media yet are interested in what’s happening. Eventbrite is a simple website many people use to check what’s happening virtually or what’s on in their area. It’s also a platform for event organizers to host their event details and set a ticket fee. This you may want to consider using. Likewise, if you are using another service, you could still advertise your walkathon and redirect them elsewhere to pay.

9. Buffer

We know to host a successful walkathon, you need a lot of participants. One way of gaining a large number of attendees is through the media. It can be argued if you don’t have constant promotion or hype about the event, not many people will participate. This means you need to be posting to social media platforms consistently and regularly. Your posts could involve pictures, interviews, videos, articles, and much more.

To post manually every day to each social media platform is time-consuming, especially when you will have other things to focus on. Buffer is a software that allows you to schedule your posts in advance over different platforms. This way, you can plan and shift your time and focus elsewhere with your event planning.

10. MailChimp

On the build-up to your walkathon, you will want to keep the participants excited. One way of doing this is through social media, and the other is via newsletters. Participants need to know details about the event, what to bring, and information about your cause. People like to be kept in the loop and reminded about the big walkathon they’ve committed to. Useful software for this is MailChimp; it allows you to build campaigns, newsletters, and distribute emails. No doubt, you have many event attendees, and this is a secure software to email information to them in bulk.

These are 10 of many apps and software which will help your walkathon. Walkathons are rewarding to take part in and host. So don’t be put off from organizing, remember to take one step at a time. We hope by using such apps, you conduct your walkathon with more ease. 

If you have any questions about walkathon planning, do reach out to us, and we will more than happily be able to see how we can assist. 

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