Walk for life – Value of human life

The majority of us on this planet walk everywhere. We do it so regularly and unconsciously that we often take it for granted. Have you considered the people who can’t walk? Likewise, the people who aren’t here more than walking is not even in the question?

Not only is walking extremely underrated, but it is an exercise that can transform many generations’ lives. We’re not just talking about one benefit of walking. Walking can drastically save people’s lives.

How walking can help better lives

The truth is, there’s no one simple formula walking can help better the lives around us. There are many ways it can add significant value on to our lives; they are:

1. Better peoples mental wellbeing

Let us start the list with a simple one. Whether you’re walking on your own or with other people, it can better mental well being. This is because walking triggers endorphins to release, a hormone that serves as a natural opiate and a pain killer, numbing certain parts of the brain. 

When hormones are released, they produce a feeling of positivity and a natural high. As a result, this decreases the amount of cortisol released and helps better people’s mental health. Plus, being out in a change of environment allows your mind to be distracted from reoccurring destructive thoughts in the outdoors. 

Therefore if you’re a frequent walker, there could be a big difference made between a life and death situation. 

2. Walking is a great way to get social

When we walk, it’s a great way to get out there and socialize with many people. Go out and walk with a friend or a relative; it will make you feel less lonely and serve as a great way to connect and catch up with your loved ones while bettering your health. 

Similarly, if you’re walking on your own, go out and chat with dog walkers or strollers. Socialising can help you mentally and emotionally. Therefore risking your chances of depression or levels if you suffer from it.

3. Raise awareness

While walking is an exercise and a simple one, it has been proven across the world that walking is an excellent method to raise awareness. You could be walking in a protest or a rally or for a fundraiser. 

It’s so good that these events are held for a critical purpose, and generally, mass amounts of people attend. Then from a big walking event, a broad awareness gets generated within the local community, and as a result, people understand the cause. 

Likewise, if people don’t know the reason, they get to know about it. As a result, bettering the value of human life.

4. Strengthen your heart

Do you know your heart is one of the essential organs, right? If you walk frequently, it can lower your blood pressure, and your heart can become stronger. 

Frequent walks allow your heart to become stronger and therefore pump more blood around the body. As a result, you are allowing more blood to get to different areas and oxygenate your muscles. Which can better the value of your life. 

13 Walking events which better lives

Now you know how walking can help people’s lives; there are walking many events across the world that specifically benefit others’ lives. The walking possibilities are:

1. Walk for Life

Walk for Life is unlike your average walkathon or walking event. This website allows you to find walking routes, join nearby walking groups, and undergo walking challenges. It also lets you create walks and track your walking progress across the community. 

The brilliant thing about this initiative is that it allows you to socialize and walk with other walkers in your neighbourhood. You can even create your walking group through them!

2. March for Life

In Washington D.C. every January, the large March for Life is held. The march involves people walking for abortion rights. These pro-life walkers aim to raise awareness by mass amounts of people walking to educate people on ending abortion and informing people about unborn children’s rights. 

3. Relay For Life

There is a walk held to raise awareness and money to fund the American Cancer Society in America. Relay For life is so popular it has over 5200 volunteers to help the event. The walks for this cause last between 6-24 hours and involves teams. 

Over a certain period, a member of the team walks. The purpose is there are continually people walking, which represents people living with cancer who do not sleep.

Each relay team has its campsite and fundraises money for donations, food, games and activities. This walk betters people’s lives as it raises awareness of different types of cancers and money raised towards research and caregivers.

4. American Association Heart Walk

The American Association Heart Walk happens all across America in cities every year. This involves mass amounts of participants walking to raise funds saving the lives of Americans who suffer from heart disease and stroke. 

As a result, they also encourage heart attacks and stroke sufferers to walk, giving them a unique cap. Those who participate in the heart walk they raise funds to lifesaving research. 

The money generated from these walks helps groundbreaking research reduce heart defects in newborn babies and works towards a cure for high blood pressure. 

5. Virtual Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk

This is a virtual walk aimed at all of those in America. The Virtual Celebrate Life 5K Run/Walk allows people to walk 5K and raise funds for the Mid American Transplant organization. The walk involves many people walking in honour of organ and tissue donors to celebrate life. 

The funds raised help provide community support for grief and help organ donors, especially lifesaving transplants.

6. Walk the Walk

Walk the walk is a famous event that occurs in the U.K. every year. This walk occurs all over Britain in many cities raising money for breast cancer. 

Over 23 years, this British walking event has raised over £133 million to better the lives of others and organizations in the U.K. The walking events help better many people’s lives in terms of research, diagnosis and treatment.

7. Virtual Walk for Victory

The Virtual Walk for Victory is a global walk that allows people from all parts of the world to walk to raise awareness of Marfan syndrome. This disorder disrupts people’s connective tissues, affecting their heart, eyes, blood vessels, and skeleton. 

The Virtual Walk allows money to be raised for the Marfan Foundation. This foundation is one of the leading foundations of research for this syndrome and helps many sufferers worldwide.

8. The Global Climate Strike

Taking part in many countries across the world, initiated by many environmental activists, The Global Climate Strike involves people walking to raise awareness of the climate crisis. In these walks, there are many speakers, comedians, poets, professionals and leaders.

The purpose of this walk is to raise awareness to world leaders such as businessmen and politicians. As currently, the world has the largest population of young people in history.

9. Walk With The Wounded 

Walk With The Wounded is a charity that hosts many walking events, treks, and expeditions to help wounded servicemen women with their physical and mental injuries. 

Their events are funded by private corporations and serve as a sense of inspiration for coping with their injuries. The charity aims to inspire that even though people are wounded, they can still live fulfilling lives. They help rebuild damaged people’s lives.

10. Walk to End Alzheimers

This is a walk held worldwide to help fight Alzheimer’s and solve a cure for the disease. Walk to End Alzheimers is held in over 600 communities and is free to walk. Often walkers raise sponsors to go towards the Global Alzheimers Organization. 

The money raised from each event goes towards in-person support groups, research towards treatment and a cure, recruits and trains many Alzheimer’s advocates and much more.

11. Another Day Walk

This is a walk that is hosted by Mental Health America of Fredericksburg’s charity. The education goes directly to local American schools and allows for more campaigns for schools as suicide is the second leading cause of death for children aged between 10-19 years old in the USA.

12. Global Diabetes Walk

Held by the World Diabetes Foundation, a global walk is held on the world Diabetes day. The walks differ depending on where you live and your living conditions. People can do it at home or outside and raise money to fund research against Diabetes.

13. Global Walk of Solidarity   

This is a walk held all over the world to walk in support of migrants and refugees. Global Walk of Solidarity is organized by Caritas and has had many famous people like the Pope walk for this initiative. 

They aim for many people to walk side by side with refugees to build friendships, raise awareness to locals and leaders about the crisis.

Mentioned above are 13 well known walking events that help increase the value of human lives across the world. You can participate in them too and many others to raise awareness.

Even better, you can organize your walkathon.

Walk to better the lives around others today.

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