What is the best music for walking?

Whatever genre you listen to, you will most likely agree with us when we say music is fantastic. Music has been scientifically proven to have a range of benefits such as improving memory, increase our mood, slow down our heart rate, unites us, allows us to learn better, and ease symptoms of depression.

One significant benefit of listening to music is that it enhances our exercise. Which means music can help us increase our performance ability. This couldn’t be more true than with walking. Research suggests that depending on the right type of music, it can help better the stride of our walk, the speed, rhythm, and symmetry.

Given all of the above, you may be wondering what the best music for walking is?

Well, the truth is the best music for walking is not a one size fits all method. It’s all down to your stride taking and the tempo of the music. What’s great about this is there is specific music streaming softwares that have built-in features to assist the tempo of your walk.

1. RockmyRun

This is an app that is normally designed for runners; however, RockmyRun works just as equally as well with walkers. RockmyRun was founded in 2011 to supply work out music to runners as they ran. However, nowadays, it’s used by others within the fitness community, and that includes walkers!

What’s particularly unique is that the music provided by this service changes alongside you. This app uses a variety of monitors to detect your heart rate and changes with your beat.

If your heart rate goes through a period of a dramatic increase or your steps increase, the tempo of the music changes. RockmyRun is an affordable software with a range of genres and DJ sets, designed to push you mentally and physically to your peak. This software is only $7.99 per month.

2. PaceDJ

An app designed for Android and iOS and goes well for your pocket or into a holder when walking. PaceDJ is a free app for any workout user. Unlike RockmyRun, this app requires you to already have songs downloaded onto your device. Once downloaded, it helps you organize your songs into workout playlists. 

As you create your playlist, the app will begin to select a median BPM based on your specific type of exercise, i.e., walk. It’ll then let you know it’s going to choose individual tracks with a higher rate of 10BPM. 

It will also tell you it will choose tracks that are less than your speed, tracks which are double the amount of tempo, and half the amount of tempo. This app has been featured by many news publications for its effectiveness in increasing your fitness ability.

3. Weav Music

Founded in 2015, Weav Music inc is an app that integrates music with workouts. Whether you’re running or walking, the beats of the music synchronize with your footsteps. Depending on your steps, the music changes its tempo, and you receive in ear coaching while you’re walking.

Other than these workout apps, in general, the best music for walking is subjective on what you want to achieve on your walks. If you’re going to walk at a faster pace, you’ll need to listen to music with a higher beat per minute (BPM).

4. Walk by Jog FM

This is an app that allows you to search, create, and download playlists based on your BPM requirements, which, as a result, can increase or decrease the speed of your walking.

If you’re not sure about what music tracks have a higher BPM, there have been many playlists curated to save you time looking and increase your walking speed. Here are some popular playlists:

5. Power Walking Music Club

If you’re a Spotify user or AppleMusic, then Power Walking Music Club may be a fantastic playlist for you to listen to while you go on your walks. It serves as a playlist full of a range of instrumental tracks with a high BPM to get your heart rate going and speed to increase while you walk.

Similarly, if you can’t find many playlists on streaming services, we recommend going to Youtube. If you are unsure about specific playlists because you don’t like the songs, you can create your own with a high BPM. To give you an idea, certain websites talk about specific songs which can help increase your BPM, they are: 

6. Shape

The popular diet and fitness magazine, Shape, has a blog post that focuses explicitly on power walking. In this post, there is a range of motivational songs that have helped its writer Kat increase her walking speed. The song genres are so diverse they range from Fall Out Boy to Carly Rae Jepson. 

7. Very Well Fit

Very Well Fit is another website focusing on healthy lifestyles and fitness. It mainly covers a range of genres from R&B, country, Christian Rock, 70’s pop, and many more.

8. Chatelaine

Chatelaine, a website focusing on healthy recipes, fitness, and healthy lifestyles, also covers a list of great tracks to walk to. On the post specifically, there are several tracks for a range of BPM’s such as 90 BPM, 115 BPM, 130 BPM, 145 BPM, or 155BPM.

9. Background Music For Walking

On the other hand, if you’re looking to walk and are not bothered about the tempo, you may want some calm music to help you focus. Background Music For Walking is a free website where you can download royalty-free MP3 tracks.

 What’s great about it is that most of them have been designed for walking and are regularly used by walkers to help you stay focused. 

10. Workout Music

Workout Music is a fantastic website to find music based on a specific type of workout. What’s unique about this website is that the music is free, but they filter out basic on your music genres and choice of BPM. You can also choose music to download, based on the instrument of your liking. 

11. Seven Song Playlist

Scientists have also curated a seven-song playlist that has been designed to get you walking faster. It’s apparently been scientifically proven by Dr. Costas Karaeorghis at the Brunel University of London. 

Best Headphones to Have While Walking

When walking, you’ll be wanting to have a real intimate experience with your music. Because of this, there are a few headphones that are great for doing this. 

Generally, the best ones are wireless, which can connect to your mobile or tablet via Bluetooth. The reason being is that you don’t have a wire cord restricting your arms or legs from walking.

Some great ones to consider are:

  • AfterShokz Trekz Titanium Headphones- These are cool bone conducting wireless headphones. It has up to 6 hours’ worth of usage, connects via bluetooth, and has noise cancellation.
  • Jabra Elite Active 65ft Earbuds– These earbuds have Amazon Alexa built into them and have noise protection from the wind.
  • Apple Airpods- These sleek wireless earphones charge fast and allow you to skip your track or alter the volume from your ears with a simple tap.
  • Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3100- Have up to 5 hours worth of listening and walking, as well as earbuds that fit your ears well. These earbuds are sweatproof and waterproof.

Dangers of Listening to Music While Walking

We know music is a great invention and does wonder for our mind, body, and soul. However, we actively need to be cautious when we walk and listen to music. While it’s been shown to help us on a range of levels, it can also put us at risk.

For example, if you’re walking across a road, your music may prevent you from hearing any passing by cars, which could put you at risk of being run over. Similarly, if someone is coming up behind you with a dog or a stroller, you will also want to hear them.

Depending on how regularly you walk and the music’s frequency, you could be putting yourself at risk of tinnitus. This is a condition where your ears are routinely exposed to loud sounds and can cause a ringing noise in your ear, even when you’re not listening to music. Therefore, when walking and listening to music, consider your volume length.

After reading this, you’re probably wondering, what is the best music for walking?

There is no ‘best’ music for walking as it depends on the reasons you are walking. For example, if you want to walk to increase your speed, you may choose songs or tracks with a higher BPM.

On the other hand, if you want to walk slower, you may choose tracks with a lower BPM. Irrespective of the BPM, you will find many genres, from dance to metal filling these criteria. You are the listener, and you must enjoy what you’re listening to.

As otherwise, if you don’t enjoy the music, it may decrease your motivation and stop you from walking. Therefore, we reckon the best music for walking is your own music choice, which you enjoy.

What do you listen to when you walk? Share your walking music experience. 

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